Christmas gifts for car lovers

last-minute-christmas-gifts-imageAre you looking for a Christmas gift for the car fanatic in your life? Whatever your budget, you can find the perfect automotive-related present for your loved one’s stocking. Follow our guide for the top five car gifts that any motoring enthusiast will be delighted to receive this Christmas.

  1. A personalised number plate

A personalised number plate is a fun way for a car lover to make a car their own. They can be put on any new or used cars. Not only will this gift allow a motoring enthusiast to state their individuality, but gifting a personalised plate will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness every time they get into their vehicle.

There are four plate styles that you can choose from:

  • Current/New Style e.g. AB12 ABC
  • Contains a year identifier as a number.
  • Prefix Style e.g. A123 ABC
  • The first letter indicates the year that the vehicle was registered.
  • Suffix Style e.g. ABC 123A
  • The last letter indicates the year that the vehicle was registered.
  • Dateless Style e.g. 1 ABC or ABC 1
  • They do not have a year identifier and can be applied to any vehicle regardless of its issue date.

As the dateless style does not display the date of the car on the number plate, it is the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. For more information on buying a personalised number plate, refer to the website.

  1. Bodywork and wheels gift set

Any car lover will want to keep their car in top condition. This Christmas, buy your loved one everything they need to clean, polish and protect their car.

With plenty of gift sets available containing bodywork shampoo conditioner, alloy wheel seal, gloss protector, interior shampoo and more, there’s nothing more a car lover could need to look after their pride and joy.

Give them the ultimate gift to make their car look and feel as new as when it left the showroom.

  1. A car kit with tools

Find a nice tool storage bag to buy for your loved one at Christmas and fill it with a comprehensive DIY car kit. Include everything they might need to work on their cars, such as replacing a broken or worn drive belt, battery or alternator and fixing exterior coolant leaks.

Make sure you include the following items in your car kit:

  • Wrenches
  • Ratchets in various sizes (the three basic sizes or drives are ¼” small, ⅜” medium, and ½” large)
  • Sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Breaker bar
  • Pry bar
  • LED flashlight or headlamp


  1. A model V8 engine kit

The car fanatic in your life will love a chance to build their own model engine. For around £35 you can buy a “Build Your Own V8 Engine” kit so that your loved one can follow step-by-step instructions to build a functional, motorised model of a V8 petrol engine, that comes complete with illuminating spark plugs and sound recorded from a real V8.

  1. Driving experience day

If you’re struggling to think of a gift for the car lover in your life, consider buying a driving experience day – it’s perfect if you’re looking for car gifts for men and women alike.

There are so many different categories of driving experiences for you to choose from – you can spend the day driving supercars, classic cars, electric cars, muscle cars and rally cars on a real race track. Give your loved one a gift with an added high-speed thrill this Christmas.

If you’re shopping for Christmas presents but you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy the motoring enthusiast in your life, consider these five gifts for car lovers. You can find the perfect car-related gift to put under the tree, whatever your budget.

Of course, if you’re feeling extra generous this year, our wide selection of used cars could offer ample inspiration if you’d like to treat your loved one to their next car.


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