Choosing the best driving songs

How many times have you been stuck in traffic, bored stiff but then your favourite song has come on and perked you up? Whether you’re doing the daily commute or preparing for a long road trip, driving music makes it so much better. Ensure you fully enjoy the best driving songs when on the road over summer, with these three key components: a great playlist, quality car and excellent stereo system.

Create your driving playlist

Music and motors were born to go together. Just think about how many songs there are based on cars, motorbikes and being behind the wheel. Yet creating a playlist of the best driving songs always leads to arguments and squabbles, as you and your friends all have different tastes. Having said that, the following tunes should be found on any car music compilation, that’s no debate:

  • Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen
  • Radar Love – Golden Earring
  • On The Road Again – Willie Nelson
  • Ride Wit Me – Nelly
  • Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
  • My Favourite Game – The Cardigans
  • Cars – Gary Numan
  • Panama – Van Halen
  • Little Red Corvette – Prince
  • Drive My Car – The Beatles

Last month we asked you for suggestions of your favourite driving songs and what you offered was a real mixed bag. From golden oldies courtesy of Queen, Abba and The Beatles, to more modern tunes from Little Mix, Coldplay and The Black Eyed Peas, there really was something for everyone suggested. Choosing a winner was tricky, but in the end ‘Come On Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners was victorious. Wind your windows down and blast it out on those summer journeys!

Find the best car for listening to music

Now you’ve got the driving music sorted, you’ll need a car with one of the best audio systems and set ups. Thankfully the days of tinny speakers, skipping CDs and rewinding tapes are almost behind us. It’s incredible how far in-car technology and quality of sound has improved for car music, especially for these vehicles:

Developed by the legendary American guitar brand Fender, the 400-watt premium audio system found in Volkswagen Jetta GLI models from 2012 onwards delivers clarity at every volume.

The optional 710-watt Rockford Fosgate Punch stereo with this SUV offers excellent value given the vehicle’s price. There are only six speakers but the 10-inch subwoofer and digital signal processing provide sound quality worthy of any luxury car ten times its value.

It’s so annoying when travelling at high speed or blasting car music at top volume when it gets all fuzzy. The Mark Levinson Reference audio system in the Lexus LS is 450 watts but claims less than 0.1% total harmonic distortion with 19 bespoke, metal-coned speakers, ensuring a crystal-clear sound.

Designed by Bang & Olufsen, the top stereo option features an incredible 1400 watts across 19 speakers, each one placed to amplify acoustics and air space. Don’t worry, it’s not loud enough to blow your windows out!

It makes sense for such a luxurious car to have one of the best sound systems. The optional Burmester setup includes a 9.8-inch, 300-watt subwoofer, with 16 individually controlled speakers blaring out over 1000 watts. What more could you want when pumping out ‘Panama’ in your Panamera?

Replace your car stereo system

Alternatively, if you’re happy with your current car then there are many fantastic options to replace and improve your current car stereo:

  • BOSS Audio BV9979B

Whether you’re sticking with the old-school CDs or are another modern smartphone car music DJ, this BOSS audio system plays all formats. 85 watts of power and built-in EQ means you can tune it to perfection easily with the 7” touch screen too.

  • Sony MEX GS810BH

High-fidelity audio thanks to the 220-watt amplifier and the HD radio provides a crisp sound. You can also take calls and use voice command by connecting your smartphone.

  • Fusion MS-RA205

One of the best budget car stereos is this one from Fusion. All radio, iPhone, AUX and more play capabilities are provided, so you can easily whack on your ideal driving songs. Plus, you won’t blow the bank getting it installed.

Do you agree with our choices of the best cars for listening to music in? And, more importantly, what are your favourite driving songs that we’ve missed off?

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