Car Production in UK – Infographic

UK car production is a massive sector and is the third biggest export out of the UK pulling in around £23.5bn last year (according the the – about 12-13% of the UK’s overall exports. In 2011 alone, car production in the UK was responsible for 1.3m vehicles, though this was not matched by car sales which fell by around 4.5%. Car sales may have declined, but car production in the UK is still vital and added £10bn to the economy last year (the retail and maintenance sector added twice this amount). In light of Nissan choosing to produce its new “ultra low emission” compact car in Sunderland, UK – the largest car production site in the UK producing around 490,000 cars last year – we thought we’d have a closer look at the other manufaturers in the country. The UK has the most diverse collection of car manufacturers, with over 40 manufaturers (most of which displayed on the map below), some a lot bigger than others. This is a large amount compared to its European counterparts. Have a look at the car production infographic below to see the how the UK’s car production diversity is as amazing as it is today. This is an interactive map showing current car production in the UK by units produced. Circles are sized as following – – smaller circles: up to 999 units – medium circles: from 1000 to 9999 – big circles: from 10000 to 19999 – biggest circles: 20000+ units Click on a circle to view which manufacturers build which cars at each location….

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  1. Jacob Rantor on

    It’s interesting to see how many smaller manufacturers we have here in the UK, many I haven’t heard of that I’m going to have to look up!