Best cars for weekend adventurers


If you love a weekend road trip, then it’s important you have the right car to go the distance. So whether you’re partial to a solo journey or a family trip, we’ve rounded up the best used cars for your needs – along with some great autumn trips to inspire you.

Paris for the Ryder Cup

The biennial golf tournament between the USA and Europe takes place at Le Golf National in Paris this year. It’s a great excuse for a road trip and although it may last 6 days, just think of it as a (very) long weekend. You won’t be able to play at Le Golf National but if you’re packing up your clubs, you’ll need a car with enough boot space and the right dimensions to fit them in. Especially as there are plenty of other fantastic courses around Paris, including Château d’Augerville, Golf de Domont and Les Bordes.

Boasting plenty of room, executive estates and SUVs are a great option. The Nissan Qashqai features up to 430 litres of boot space – and 1,585 litres with the rear seats folded down. The Peugeot 5008 is also a strong choice thanks to its smart looks and spacious interior.

Cycling in the New Forest

As the leaves start to change colour the New Forest transforms into a picturesque paradise. Choose from relatively flat, short routes ideal for families and beginners, to those covering 20 or more miles if you really want to push yourself. Hawkhill trail is a good place to start, as it avoids any roads or traffic.

Loading a bike into your car can be awkward, which is why choosing a car with official manufacturer rails and racks is ideal and the safest option. For a bike-loving couple, a Skoda Superb estate is a great choice. Its optional set of roof rails and bike rack has enough space inside to fit 2 bikes with the rear seats folded down. The Ford Galaxy MPV is better for young families, as there’s room for the children and all their kit; it’s also easy to fit a couple of smaller bikes in the boot, and another 2 on top using roof rails or a rack. You can find out more about mounting cycles on cars in this guide from Cycling UK.

Camping in the Lake District

If you’re a fan of getting away from it all and de-stressing at the weekend, camping in the Lakes should be on your to do list. Home to wonderful views and spectacular walks, there are plenty of places to stay whether you want to be near great pubs for a Sunday roast and a cosy fire, or close to the water to take advantage of boat trips or kayaking.

No matter how far you’re travelling to get there, you’ll need a car with plenty of room for all your camping gear. A Volvo V90 estate is well suited to this, with a boot capacity of 560 litres, the option to fold down the back seats, and excellent safety and technology levels that are useful when out in the countryside. The V90’s mpg ranges from 42 to 59, as certain trims and engine capacities offer different levels of economy. Or a Dacia Duster is a budget 4×4 choice if you don’t mind the smaller boot size of 475 litres and average fuel economy of around 41 mpg.

Sailing on Loch Lomond

The largest stretch of inland water in Great Britain, Loch Lomond offers plenty of options for fans of sailing – whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner. While you’re there make sure you also explore the Trossachs National Park, as it’s home to some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery and plenty of walking opportunities.

If you’ve got (or are thinking of buying) your own boat, you’ll need a car that can tow it. You can find a Land Rover Discovery capable of towing over 1900kg, which will also have no issues managing any rocky roads out in the Scottish Highlands. Ground clearance of 283mm and wading depth of 900mm make it a world class off-road vehicle. This isn’t the cheapest car on the market, but with the help of AA Car finance you can get a quote to help make car buying quick and easy.

Whatever kind of weekend adventurer you are, pick the right car to suit your lifestyle, so that you’ll be properly prepared for the road.

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