Behind the wheel with…a learner driver

With Patrick Crier, 22, from Wakefield

Behind the wheel with a learner driver

Behind the wheel with a learner driver

1. What car are you hoping to get when you pass?

A Vauxhall – I think a Corsa

2. What’s the most difficult part of learning to drive?

Probably turning right at a crossroads

3. Where’s your first drive going to be when you pass?

I’m really looking forward to driving over to my parents’ holiday cottage in Filey on the Yorkshire Coast

4. What’s the worst manoeuvre you could get on your test?

Reversing right into a parked bay

5. How will you cope on your first motorway drive?

Well I’m doing a Pass Plus so I should be okay

6. How long have you been learning to drive?

About 9 months

7. Do you think there’s anything the government could do to improve things for learner drivers?

No not really – possibly cap the cost of insurance premiums for new drivers

8. How’d you get on with your instructor?

Well I fired my last one via text! My current one’s very good though

9. What advice would you give to someone just starting to learn?

Make sure you have a patient instructor!

10. How much have you spent learning to drive?

Just under £1000 I think. That’s on lessons, the theory and practical tests and insurance on my mum’s car


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