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Anyone who has a teenage child knows how easy a car can become a second home. Ferrying the kids to and from football, rugby, ballet or drama is a thankless task. Wouldn’t it be nice to say thank you to the driver in your family with one of the presents we’ve researched below? Whether it’s a grumpy Dad or a fussing Mum, take a look through the ten presents below and put one below your tree this Christmas.

Type S Organiser :: £8

This handy, cheap little bit of kit attaches itself to the underside of your visor. Straps keep all your lose-ables in one place – mobile, ipod, shades, pencils etc. It is the perfect cheap gift for kids to say thanks to the driver in their family.



Nap Zapper :: £10

If your driver covers longer distances, it might be worth buying them a Nap Zapper which helps to ensure they don’t fall asleep at the wheel. The Nap Zapper fits over the driver’s ear and sounds an alarm if the angle of the driver’s head goes too far forward – an early sign of snoozing.



Learn how to park! Cards :: £12.95

If your driver is an angry type who shouts at parked cars for all sorts of reasons, you could always give them their own calling cards… For £12.95 plus postage, Zazzle allows you to record your favourite phrase, choose a font, upload and produce 3.5″ x 2″ full colour both sides.



Seated Heat Cover :: £15

Perfect for those short hops where everything feels freezing, this heated cover plugs into your car’s cigarette socket and heats up almost immediately. There are two temperature settings and a thermostat to ensure it doesn’t over-heat and give you a rare case of burnt-bumitis. Using a couple of straps, it’s really easy to fit and if you’ve got back problems this will also ease things up a little.


AA Breakdown Kit :: £30

We bet that if you hand this over to the driver in your family on Christmas Day, they’ll think: “yeah, erm, nice but really? Really?! This is what you bought me?!” Cut forward a month or so and they breakdown? You will be the most thoughtful, caring and insightful present buyer on the planet. They’ll slip on high visibility vest, put down the fluorescent triangle, pull out the tyre gauge, foot pump and even the tyre tread depth gauge with glee. If they’ve had a prang, they’ll be able to take pics with an emergency camera, record the accident with a notepad and pen, attend to first aid and even have an emergency hammer and tow rope too hand. Buyers of this present are wonderful human beings.


Hands-free phone kit :: £35

Light, portable and 4mm slim, the BlueTrek Metal hands-free phone kit offers up to four hours talk time and four hours of standby. It has an LED to tell you how much power is left and can be powered up using a USB. Sure, your driver will like look like a Star Trek extra but it might just save their life.



Bluetooth Gloves :: £50

We’ve featured a Bluetooth Headset and a pair of gloves, what about a pair of Bluetooth Gloves????!!! Oh yes! Toasty mits? Check. Comfort? Check. Wirelessly sync with your smartphone turning your palm into a phone? CHECK!  There’s an integrated mic and speaker in the thumb and forefinger which means you can communication without taking your phone out of your pocket. What’s not to love?


Driving Gloves :: £69

Hot or Not? Well, we think Ryan Gosling and Drive has put driving gloves back in vogue – these really quite beautiful Conegar gloves are made from the finest softest British leather. You can get them in small, medium and large, and they’ve got that antique brass press stud and four knucklehole look. Nice.



Snooper Pantera GPS Speed Camera Detector  £70

If the driver in your family has never really thrown off thoughts of being a boy/girl racer, they might want to know where all the speed cameras are hidden. Using GPS, this little beaut tells you where the fixed traps are located using audio and LED alerts.



Drive a Lotus Elise :: £125

Your driver can enjoy the thrill of tearing up a Lotus Elise! They’ll join a qualified instructor to learn all the driving skills they can handle. They might even get to sit in with the instructor for once-in-a-lifetime, hairs-on-the-back-of-their-necks thrill ride!



If you have your own perfect gift idea for a driver, leave it in a comment below!



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  1. One of the gems I’ve stumbled across is a small charger you can plug into your cigarette lighter which turns it into a USB port! Allowing you to charge many of your electronics. Only cost £2.50 from places like Amazon at the moment too. Definitely a stocking filler.