7 Incredibly close calls on the road

Cars can be dangerous machines, and while it’s likely that you have the utmost faith in your own impeccable driving skills, there are probably plenty of other drivers who aren’t quite as skilled at following proper road use. The end result is far too often an accident; sometimes simple fender benders, sadly sometimes more serious. But, sometimes despite everything suggesting otherwise, a dangerous accident can turn into a very lucky near miss.

Here are some of the closest calls caught on video (some of the language used is NSFW):

Lamborghini Aventador splits in half

[ unfortunately the creator of this video didn’t want to share anymore 🙁 ]

As the owner of a Lamborghini Aventador, you’re in a very stressful position. On one hand, you sit at the helm of a seriously powerful, fast and exhilarating piece of machinery. On the other, it costs £250,000; a staggering amount of money. The desire to drive incredibly quickly (recklessly, even), is matched only by the anxiety of damaging a car that costs more than the average UK house. Of course, driving sensibly doesn’t account for much when other drivers on the road are as careless as this – pulling into the oncoming lane without looking. Granted, the Lambo might have been travelling fast, but likely not fast enough to become invisible. The result is a mess of panels, smoke and debris as the Aventador splits in half; a safety measure put in place to keep the shell safe. Luckily no one was hurt, although the Mazda driver might receive quite a shock when his insurance bill comes in.

Taiwan landslide

This car along a coastal road in Keelung in northern Taiwan narrowly avoids being crushed by a comically sized boulder, seconds after being hit by a powerful landslide. Luckily, the driver escaped with just minor injuries.

Off-road fail

It’s safe to assume that anyone with a RZR Polaris off-roader dressed with a confederate flag might not be the most restrained driver. And, as this video shows, it’s an assumption which proves to be correct, when his attempts to scale a perilously sheer cliff end in him tumbling to a very lucky stop.

Abrupt truck stop and exit

Thank the lord for Russian dash cams – giving us endless amounts of both hilarious road errors and mesmerising lucky escapes. This falls well and truly into the latter, and sees a truck driver escape a potentially awful crash by hopping out of through the windscreen. As you do.

Pickup-truck goes flying

This driver of this truck attempts a Speed-style bridge jump that ultimately ends in dismal failure. The woman behind the camera certainly doesn’t hold back on the NSFW language, but given what she’s witnessing (a man launching himself into the air), it seems justified. Luckily, despite serious injuries, the driver is said to be making a full recovery.

Lorry explodes into ball of flames

This Indiana lorry driver was travelling with his seven year old son when another car shunted them off the road. The result is a brief moment of airborne travel and a spectacular, Michael-Bay-worthy fire-ball. Both driver and young passenger came off with nothing more than minor scratches.

Phantom car emerges from the depths

This video is actually from the normally sunny Queensland coast in Australia. Severe floods caused a snow-like sea foam to swamp the streets. The official recommendation was to avoid driving at all costs, but the driver which emerges – seemingly out of nowhere – in this clip, clearly didn’t heed the advice, and nearly runs over two emergency service workers. Luckily they escape unharmed, but it is a close call.


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