The 50 Greatest Fictional Cars of All Time #50 – #46

Hey, we’re VCARS, we’re pretty much into all sorts of motors, big, small, fast, leisurely, expensive and cost-conscious. But if we had to write down the 50 greatest cars of all time? Which ones would we go for? Well, we’ve had a go and in this ten-part series, appearing every Thursday, we plan to count down the 50 Greatest Imaginary Cars of All Time! You may not agree, and if that’s the case, we’d love to know. But here goes with the first five…

#50 The Delorean DMC 12

To some, the Delorean DMC 12 might have been a salutary tale of over-streching one’s imagination but to us, it will always be the coolest time machine 1980s cinema had to offer. A flux capacitor, a nuclear generator, has there ever been a better reason to travel at exactly 88 miles an hour?

#49 KITT (Pontiac Firebird Trans Am)

When KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand, in case you want to know) rolled onto our screens in 1982, little did we know what an impact the car and the star would have on all of our lives. Put simply, no KITT = no Hasselhoff, no Baywatch, no German kits, no Britain’s Got Talent judging. The ultra-intelligent KITT was a crime fighting-mobile, the modified Trans Am known as KITT could see, hear, and smell – all skills put to the sternest test when going up against nemesis KARR (the original prototype of the KITT initiative who emerged as one of the greatest baddies of the automotive world).

#48 (Herbie) 1963 Volkswagen Beetle

There may well have been something a little macabre about Herbie – the personality perhaps a little too human? However, the pert little Beetle contained a Porsche 356 engine and first appeared in The Love Bug (1968) when purchased by race-driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones). Tennessee, Jim’s mechanic, named the car Herbie’ after his uncle Herb. Herb’s best feature must be that styling – the red and blue racing stripes and the number 53 painted on the hood, doors, and trunk – just beautiful.



#47 The Mean Machine 00

Driven by Dick Dastardly, the archetypal moustache-twirling madman and his wheezily snickering henchman Muttley, the rocket-powered Mean Machine not only carried an arsenal of concealed weapons, it also had the ability to fly! Despite hatching plan after plan to win races by the foulest means possible, Dastardly never actually won a Wacky Race or even officially finished in the top three. He did finish first once but was disqualified in the action replay. It’s a shame, The Mean Machine is the fastest car in the field and it never occurs to Dastardly to race fairly – lesson to us all there people. A lesson to us all.

#46 The Batmobile

The gadget-laden Batmobile first appeared in comics as early as 1939 and quickly emerged as one of Batman’s chief motifs – especially the winged tailfins. Always carrying state-of-the-art technology, reputedly, every gadget on the Batmobile was fully functional – this included the gas turbine powering the vehicle, which consumed fuel so fast that there was only enough to run it for fifteen seconds! The Batmobile’s gadgets include a cable cutter, batray, anti-theft device, detect-a-scope, police radio cut in, auto tyre inflation, batsmoke, anti-fire active, batcomputer link and even a bat-turn feature  – parachutes able to turn the car 180°! What’s not to love?

That’s our first five, what do you think? Next Thursday – #45-41



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