14.5.12 – Monday motoring news round-up

Every Monday morning, here at VCARs, we’ll give you a quick round-up of the motoring news from the weekend papers and links to read more. That means, instead of returning from the newsagents laden with papers, you can wait until Monday morning and catch the lot!

The Telegraph

The Road Safety Foundation have inspected the English motorway system and found that a lack of crash barriers makes the Government’s prospected 80mph speed limit dangerous.

The RSF found that only half of the country’s 4,350 miles of motorway had barriers that would protect errant drivers at that speed. Poor motorway maintenance has seen crash barriers left un-repaired after previous accidents, decreasing their effectiveness.

Edmund King, the AA’s president added. “Some stretches of motorway are more suitable for 80mph than others. If you don’t have adequate central reservation barriers, a hard shoulder and variable speed limit message signs then the road is not safe for 80mph.”

What do you think? Is it time for 80mph roads?




Mini Cooper Works GT

Mini Cooper Works GT




Car Magazinehas unveiled pictures of the new, limited edition Mini John Cooper Works GP. There will be only 2000 Mini GPs built and will go on sale in later this year. The new release is the start of what is being heralded as ‘third-generation’ Mini models due to land from 2014.

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Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera

In celebration of its 50th birthday, The Guardian has written a ‘love letter’ to the Porsche 911 Carrera S. “…a car that can lay reasonable claim to being the most complete sportscar…a double bubble of elegance and functionality that has remained unchanged for 45 years… and feel is fundamental to driving pleasure and the 911 has always boasted the most absorbing of drives…” Are you looking for a used Porsche 911 ?

The Mail is reporting that black-box trackers that cut insurance premiums for young drivers are on the horizon. It is insurance companies, back by Government, that are driving their introduction.

The black boxes record data on speed, acceleration and cornering forces to create a unique driving profile. The mechanisms allow younger drivers to record, and prove, their responsible practices bringing down insurance costs.

At the moment, male drivers aged 17 to 22 pay an average of £3,515 for annual cover! Females pay an average of £2,330. Co-operative Insurance found that its black-box customers were 20 per cent less likely to make a claim.

Tim Clarke, 25, has already saved money by having a black box fitted to his Vauxhall Corsa: “‘I was buying my first car and as a student I needed the cheapest cover I could find. The quote from Co-op was a lot less than anyone else’s and it was good to be able to earn a further discount. Seeing how you perform is a good incentive to drive well.”


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