Behind the wheel with…a used car buyer

With Richard Hart, 28, from Hull

Behind the wheel with a used car buyer

Behind the wheel with a used car buyer

1. So when did you purchase your used car?

I bought this car about three weeks ago.
2. What car did you purchase?

It’s an Audi A8, it’s a 4.2-litre, V8 Quattro.
3. Is this an upgrade from your previous car?

Yes, it certainly is!
4. Did you research on other similar cars before you bought it?

Yes, I had a bit of a look on-line just to get more of a feel for what this range was like, as I was interested in an Audi.
5. How does it compare to your previous car?

It’s a lot quicker and it’s a lot more comfortable! It’s just an all-round far better drive than my last car.
6. Did you purchase the car outright or through a finance plan?

I actually purchased it outright, so I didn’t have to go through finance. So I just purchased it all at once.
7. Was your insurance affected by the change in vehicle?

It went up a little bit, but that’s mainly because the engine is so much bigger than the last car I had.
8. What’s your favourite feature of your new used car?

I think probably the fact that it’s an automatic. I had a manual before and well, it’s just so much easier to drive and more comfortable. Oh, and the sound of the exhaust!
9. Would you have liked anything else?

I looked at a couple of different Audi’s, I also looked at some Fords, but this one won in the end.
10. Do you think you’ll keep this car for a long time?

Yes, I intend to! I intend to keep this car for quite a while, it’s just an absolute joy to drive it. So I don’t want anything else at the minute.

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