Your car could be the key to your whole identity

Car owners who use their car as a mobile office, opening correspondence
during rush-hour traffic congestion, storing a change of work clothes,
or transporting work-related files are leaving themselves open not only
to car theft, but also identity theft too.

Ten per cent of motorists have paperwork in their cars which would give
a thief enough personal information to cause them harm.

Six per cent of car owners even admit to forgetting to lock their cars
when they leave them unattended.

Jennifer Culley, spokesperson for Direct Line car insurance comments:
"Car owners need to think twice before they lock up and walk away from
their vehicles to ensure they are not leaving valuables or sensitive
documents on display.

"With the rise in cases of identity fraud over recent years, motorists
should avoid giving thieves further opportunities to obtain personal
details which can be found on bills, bank statements and letters. Our
advice is to avoid keeping valuables and sensitive documents in the car
or take your possessions with you when you leave your car unattended."

The thirteen per cent of car owners that leave sport equipment on show
also need to be wary, since it is likely that the car will be left
unattended for some time at a leisure centre, giving opportunists enough time to break in.


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