Younger drivers ‘confident in their abilities’

Over half (55 per cent) of drivers between the ages of 17 and 24 are confident that they are safer than the majority of motorists when on the road, a new poll has revealed.

Taken as the first United Nations Global Road Safety Week begins, the poll by Green Flag and Brake revealed that 69 per cent of people think that there should be restrictions, such as curfews, on younger drivers.

According to Department for Transport figures, drivers under the age of 25 account for a quarter of all road crashes, even though only one in eight motorists are of this age.

"The research shows that young drivers do have a tendency to think they are safe drivers even though the statistics show they are more at risk," said Philippa Naylor, spokesperson for Green Flag.

"As the first UN Global Road Safety Week launches, it’s an opportune time for road users of all ages across the world to think about driving more carefully."

Jools Townsend, head of education at road safety charity Brake, said it is "high time" that political leaders from the UK and the rest of the world made road safety a "top priority".


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