Younger drivers ‘are not getting any safer’

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has warned that young drivers "aren’t getting any safer".

Neil Greig, IAM motoring trust director pointed out that research shows that 60 per cent of those convicted of uninsured driving are under 25, and half are under 20.

Mr Greig said: "These drivers have a high risk of crashing and there is a perception among their peers that they can ‘get away with it’.

"The majority of safe younger drivers should have their efforts supported. They should know that the police and justice system targets the reckless minority that break the law."

IAM has drawn up a ten-point plan for young drivers which will improve road safety for road users of all ages.

The plan recommends smaller premiums being made available for low-risk learners and urged greater police enforcement of road safety rules.

More parental involvement, IAM believes, is also key to changing young people’s attitudes to dangerous driving.

"Making roads safer" could also help young drivers who have just passed their test.

Written by Russell Ross


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