Worst area in the country for uninsured drivers named and shamed

Statistics released this week (Tuesday September 9th 2008) by the Motor Insurance Bureau have revealed which area in the country has the biggest proportion of uninsured drivers.

Barkerend in Bradford topped the poll with Birmingham also faring poorly – it now has six out of ten of the worst areas in the country for uninsured driving.

Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association is well aware of the relationship between someone’s postcode and the incidence of uninsured drivers.

He believes that many people in Barkerend and Birmingham will have less disposable income to spend on essential car insurance and has "lots of people coming from overseas, people coming in who aren’t familiar with our laws".

Mr Trudgill said: "One of the main reasons for putting people off buying insurance in the middle of Birmingham or middle of London is that it’s extremely expensive compared to if you’re living in a nice village in Wales.

"That’s because there’s more crime, there’s more traffic and there’s more junctions, where incidents occur."

Written by Theodore Walnut


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