Winter weather ‘affects tyre pressures’

The tyre pressures of cars in the UK can be seriously affected by the cold weather, it has been claimed.

According to Cooper Tyre Europe, the average firmness a tyre loses for every ten degree fall in temperature is one psi.

It added that as a result motorists could lose a total of £2.2 million on fuel each day making up for it.

The company comments that drivers should make sure they check pressures at least once every month.

"With the research also showing that a worrying two in five drivers couldn’t remember when they last took time to check their tyre pressures, many motorists could be driving around on rubber that has become severely underinflated," the firm said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Easier reports that Kumho has commented that it would be unwise for motorists to assume that the same tyres motorists use during the summer will be up to the job of keeping them safe in the winter months.


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