Winter Driving Holidays You’ll Never Forget

The winter is now firmly closing in, and because of this, we all start to become a little wary of ice, snow and dark evenings, and rightly so. Snow and ice particularly are very dangerous for cars and their owners when they are not properly prepared. But, with the right care and attention, there’s very little to worry about, and winter driving can actually be rather fun. We’ve put together some of our top recommendations for winter driving holidays, to ensure you have a getaway you’ll never forget…



Located in Eastern Europe, Slovenia is one of the East’s treasures, and it’s not as touched by tourists as some of the other countries in the area. Be warned, however, it’s cold out there, so you’ll need your thickest socks (and several others pairs on top). At this time of year though, the iconic Lake Bled is the perfect place to visit, and it has been labelled as part of Europe’s loveliest stretch of terrain. An area full of forests, glacial lakes and gorges, Lake Bled is the ideal winter driving holiday if you’re looking for a long, adventurous stay.



For many, Lapland almost defines Christmas. So, starting in Sweden and heading across Scandinavia towards Finland is almost the perfect way to celebrate this great time of year. Home to several cars and full of motoring brilliance from the likes of Saab, Sweden is full of beautiful scenery ranging from near endless lakes to the famous ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi. Plus, what’s best, if you’re a bit nervous about winter driving, you’re in the home of the experts, so ask the natives who can give you a helping hand.




If you love winter and Christmas so much that you’d love to do it all over again, then Russia is certainly the place for you, and the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates on the 7th of January. When the Winter Palace is covered in snow, there is arguably no greater sight in the world, and you can even watch the Nutcracker which always returns home to reside in Moscow in January. If that isn’t your kind of thing, then there’s a wealth of other options, too. Moscow really is the city for everyone, so drive around and explore on your winter driving adventure.



Home of the Atlas Mountains, there is far more on offer in Morocco than simply Marrakech where most tourists visit. Heavy snow is likely in the winter months, so it is more than likely that if you head of the roads, you’ll need some assistance from a mule. Home to the highest peak in North Africa, Morocco has a lot to offer for the winter enthusiasts, and its cuisine is amongst the finest in the world, so you’re guaranteed a great driving break.



One of the most naturally beautiful countries on the planet, Norway remains largely unblemished, with vast, open spaces providing some truly stunning scenery. With national parks aplenty and a number of national resources, Norway is great if you’re a fan of peace, tranquillity and near complete isolation. With a number of hikes near glaciers, as well as the chance to go ski sailing, it’s a great destination all round.

So, there you have it, some of the greatest winter driving holidays you could ever wish to go on. With these places, there’s such a diverse array of activities that there’s bound to be something that’s perfect for you, and there’s no reason why you’d have to stay exclusively in the car either. Have a great winter break.



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