Why a car’s colour can affect its re-sale value

A used car expert has stressed why a car’s colour can have a big impact on its re-sale value.

Alan Senior, a used car valuations expert with HPI, warned that today’s most popular colour could be tomorrow’s least wanted shade.

This could be sound advice to follow for those thinking of running with the herd and choosing a silver car as, due to the high demand for this colour vehicle, there is a danger of over-saturation in the market.

So what exactly is the safest colour to plump for? Mr Senior thinks that black will always be a good bet as "it always seems to find a buyer no matter what make or model".

The expert said: "The latest trend for white is in many ways similar to yellow or bright green; you either love or hate it, so take this into consideration.

"Some colours work well on sporty models, but are bad news on larger saloons or hatchbacks.”

For example, the HPI man thinks that solid blues are acceptable on small hatch and sports models, but dark blue is "a real no-no".

Those looking to go green are advised to go for brighter shades on small hatchbacks and sporty models, but to steer clear on everything else.

And what about neglected car colours such as purples and pinks?

"Experiment at your own risk," Mr Senior warned.

Written by James Christie


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