WhatCar? urges govt to leave MOT unchanged

WhatCar? magazine has criticised government plans to change the MOT testing system to a two-yearly setup.

All vehicles over three years are old are currently required to have an MOT test every year but new proposals suggest that drivers should only need to have their cars checked every two years.

While it may seem that this could be a more affordable and convenient situation for drivers, Steve Fowler, editor of WhatCar?, said this may not be the case.

"The move to a two-yearly test is misleading for consumers who may think they are saving money, but MOT test prices will rise as garages close due to lack of business and competition declines," he said.

Mr Fowler was emphatic in his disagreement with the proposed changes, adding: "This proposal has no safety or financial benefits for any road user."

Current statistics show that 29 per cent of cars in the UK fail their MOT test, with 15 per cent of these down to defective lights, 11 per cent due to steering problems, ten per cent down to brake faults and eight per cent based on tyre defects.

The UK has the lowest rate in Europe of road deaths per 100,000 people, followed by Sweden and Holland. All of these countries operate an annual MOT system.


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