Weather condition tips offered to drivers

A car rental firm has given advice to people looking to take to the roads in conditions that are less than ideal over the winter period.

According to Avis, drivers should plan their journeys ahead and keep an eye on local weather forecasts.

The company states that motorists should make sure that their engines have warmed up sufficiently before setting off, engaging the clutch before turning the key.

In addition drivers should accelerate gently and from the highest gear possible without making the vehicle stall.

Furthermore, the firm commented that if motorists start to skid they should not hit the brake pedal, instead easing off the accelerator and steering the vehicle in the direction the car is moving.

"Driving in sub-zero temperatures can be absolutely treacherous; we are hoping our tips will help drivers feel safer and more comfortable on their journeys," said Daniel McCarthy, commercial director of Avis UK.

Official statistics show that 3,150 people were killed in car accidents in the UK in 2006.


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