Ways to avoid car key theft

A list of ways to avoid car key theft has been drawn up by car insurance specialist esure.

Recent research from the company has found that 91 per cent of all high-value car thefts occurred as a result of burglaries from the policyholders’ homes, car jackings or assaults.

Theft of keys from gym lockers partly accounted for the remaining nine per cent, together with’ owner close by’ thefts where cars are stolen with the keys in the ignition but the owner is close by – a fate which reportedly befell Princess Beatrice a short time ago.

Gordon Hannah, head of claims at esure car insurance, said: "Hot wiring a car has largely become a thing of the past but while improved security is cutting the overall number of car thefts, it is also shifting the threat to individuals."

Tips to prevent car key thefts include advice on what to do with your keys when you go to the gym.

According to esure, thieves have been known to follow drivers into gyms to target their lockers. A way round this is to leave your keys with a member of staff or wear your keys round your neck on a chain.

Written by Roxy Moran


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