Watch out for ‘hook and cane’ car key thieves

A company called CobraTrak has issued a warning for drivers to watch out for thieves who try to steal car keys from people’s houses using the ‘hook and cane’ method to snatch them through letterboxes.

CobraTrak specialises in stolen vehicle tracking by fitting GPS devices to people’s cars to monitor their location in case they are stolen.

Andrew Smith, managing director of Cobra UK said: "Thieves have two main options when attempting to steal a modern car. They can either take the keys or lift it onto a truck."

Obviously the car key stealing option is the more practical for thieves and it is worrying that a significant percentage of stolen cars are taken out of the UK if they are not recovered within 72 hours of the theft occurring.

In fact, 37 per cent of car thefts are related to stolen car keys, which are often taken during domestic burglaries.

CobraTrak advises drivers to keep their cars in the garage overnight, not to leave keys in obvious places around the house and to keep them as far away from letterboxes as possible.

Written by Robbie Copper


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