Vehicle theft figures ‘don’t tell the full story of car crime’

New Home Office figures revealing that vehicle thefts fell by 12 per cent in the year ending June 2008 don’t tell the full story about car crime in the UK.

That is the view of Stuart Chapman of Tracker, a UK company which specialises in stolen vehicle tracking.

The former police officer highlighted the fact that it’s easy for consumers to be confused by crime statistics.

He said: "For instance, if car keys are stolen from inside the owner’s home and the car is taken, it is likely to be classified as burglary.

"Similarly, a car owner who is threatened with violence and hands over their car keys allowing the criminal to drive off in the car could be classified as robbery."

Data released by his company has shown that the majority of its customers’ cars are stolen as a result of car key thefts by burglary or robbery.

There have also been instances of Tracker clients trying to sell their cars and unwittingly parting company with the vehicle in exchange for a forged banker’s draft.

It can be sound practice to approach a reputable used car dealer if you are attempting to sell your motor.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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