Used car sale value ‘hit by bird damage’

Damage caused by bird droppings is having a significant impact on the value of used cars in Britain, according to a report by Zurich Insurance.

Research from the insurer has found that nine out of ten (89 per cent) of motorists have found their vehicles have been affected by bird droppings, at a cost of £57 million a year.

While it may be lucky if it lands on your head, bird droppings on the bonnet of a car are nothing to smile about, as 38 per cent of drivers hit by bird droppings have claimed it caused permanent damage to their paintwork, the study found.

Bird control expert Guy Merchant warned: "Mid-march to the end of August is the worst time of the year for bird droppings.

"The influx of birds and the early summer sun is a costly combination for car owners as the hot weather bakes the excrement into paintwork, and if left untreated, causes major damage to the exterior of cars."

Average repair costs for damaged paintwork due to bird droppings is reported to be £33.33 but can sometimes reach far higher, Zurich revealed, as many car owners reported scratched paintwork as a result of trying to remove the nasty addition to their colour scheme.

Anyone considering buying a used car, meanwhile, has been warned by the DVLA to double check V5C registration documents.


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