Used car dealers take note: men ‘are better hagglers’

New research from has found that men are better at haggling than women are.

Over the past year the average woman saved £217 on a single product by bargaining, but men saved an average of £343 each.

More than a third (38 per cent) of those who participated in the poll had successfully negotiated a better price for a new car.

So what is the key to striking a good bargain in the showroom or forecourt? More than three quarters (77 per cent) of the population believe that confidence is the key to shaking hands on a bargain deal.

There is no shortage of confidence in eastern England – the place which seems to have the best negotiating skills, with 66 per cent claiming that they are skilled at the art.

The credit crunch has led to more people being less shy about haggling as they struggle to make ends meet at a time when the cost of living is rocketing.


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