Used car dealers ‘shouldn’t get dragged into a price war’

Exchange & Mart’s digital director has advised used car dealers not to get side-tracked into a price war as the credit crunch continues to affect trade.

Debra Healy is aware of research from her company which found that the number of people looking to bypass the dealer by striking private deals has climbed by 11 per cent in the past three years.

The increase in those looking to buy in this marketplace suggests that an increasing proportion of consumers have a perception that better deals are available privately.

But Ms Healy believes that although price is always a major consideration in all buying and selling decision, factors such as long-term value for money are also important.

The expert said: "Dealers have always provided a range of packages that cover the consumer in all eventualities. This unique strength is one the private market cannot match.

"The key to coming through tough times is having the confidence to stick to what dealers do best and not get side-tracked into an ultimately destructive price war to take on the private market."

Written by Shangri Larsson


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