Unsafe journeys

Over one million people have admitted to having driven in the last twelve months knowing that they weren’t insured.

Sainsbury’s bank has discovered that eight per cent of under 25s have got into a car and used it without the correct paperwork, with five per cent of under 35s also breaking the law- despite the reduction in cost of their insurance premiums over the less experienced adults.

In the retired age group, where pensioners are on a fixed income, the figure for those who drove without arranging insurance is less than one per cent.

Excuses given for making the trips without insurance ranged from 13 per cent of people saying that they had forgotten that their renewal was due, with another 13 per cent saying that they had not had time to shop around and arrange the best deal.

Criminally, however, one in five admitted that they had failed to buy insurance because they could not afford it, and another one in five said that they had not known that it was compulsory.

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has started an investigation into insurance comparison websites to ensure that customers searching for the best value insurance are aware of the features of the policy as well as just the price.


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