UK motorists warned to keep tyres up

British drivers have been warned of the risks of allowing their tyres to fall below safe pressure levels, with millions of motorists reportedly failing to keep them properly inflated.

Maintenance company Kwik-Fit carried out a nationwide spot-check of over 1,300 cars and found that one in five vehicles, or five million automobiles nationally, had insufficient tyre pressure.

The risk of blowout or tread damage is significantly heightened when tyres are below safe pressure levels.

Drivers using cars with under-inflated tyres may also notice that their car’s handling and braking performance suffer.

Motorists who are concerned about the pressure of their tyres are advised to carry out examinations using specialist equipment, as visual checks are often not reliable.

"Motorists might be fooled into thinking that they can check whether a tyre is under-inflated simply by looking at it," said David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit. "But a smaller, yet nonetheless still significant loss of pressure is not always possible to visually detect."

The company advised drivers to regularly carry out their own checks on their vehicle components or have them examined by a professional.


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