UK drivers urged to cut CO2 emissions

The government is encouraging motorists to cut down their CO2 emissions as part of a new climate change campaign – allowing them to save an annual £2 billion in the process.

Its Act on CO2 campaign’s first phase is seeing a website produced which will give drivers a host of tips about how to ‘Drive Smarter’ and consequently reduce carbon emissions from lower fuel consumption.

The Drive Smarter website also includes a calculator to help drivers calculate the potentially large savings they could make from improving their fuel consumption.

Approximately eight per cent of all CO2 emissions, amounting to 5.5 million tonnes, could be saved each year.

Transport secretary Gillian Merron said: "Little changes can make a big difference – and this campaign is all about giving drivers practical tips to help them make that real difference."

Environment secretary David Miliband also welcomed the developments, suggesting that the spring roll out of the campaign would encourage individuals to "think about changing their behaviours to adopt a lower carbon lifestyle".


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