TyreSafe wants pressure lines ‘in good working order’

TyreSafe, the tyre industry’s leading safety group, believes petrol forecourt managers should do all they can to keep pressure airlines in good working order.

According to research conducted by motor magazine Auto Express, nearly 40 per cent of such equipment is faulty.

Now, a number of retail outlets have banded together to give drivers the chance to have their tyre pressure assessed free of charge – something TyreSafe states people should take advantage of.

"TyreSafe is urging motorists to take advantage of this free pressure check having regard for the particularly heavy rainfall in many areas at present, which will test how good a vehicle’s tyres really are," commented the company.

A similar problem has been reported by motorists in south Gloucestershire, reports the Gloucestershire Gazette.

The news source states that the district is among the worst in the UK when it comes to garages with poor inflation equipment.


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