TyreSafe urges drivers to check tyre tread depth

The UK’s leading tyre safety organisation is urging drivers to check their tyre tread depth to ensure that they remain safe on the country’s roads this winter.

TyreSafe issued its warning after figures released by the Department of Transport revealed that November is the month that sees the highest number of injuries from car accidents.

Rob Beddis, TyreSafe chairman, said that motorists should ensure their tyres’ tread depths meet the minimum legal level before rainfall starts to increase.

"Accident rates tend to increase at the onset of winter as many motorists continue to drive their cars on tyres with low or illegal tread depths," he said.

A tyre’s tread pattern is important because it helps to evacuate water from the contact patch. As the tread wears down the tyre will eventually lose its ability to remove all of the water from the road surface.

Tread depth also influences braking, with tests revealing that a vehicle braking in wet conditions with low tread requires a much longer distance in which to stop.

A recent survey commissioned on behalf of TyreSafe showed that just 30 per cent of motorists are aware of the UK’s minimum legal tyre tread depth.

Written by Johnny Osbourne


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