Tyre-tread laws ‘lost on two in three drivers’

Motorists may be risking their lives without even knowing due to their ignorance of tyre-tread laws, it has been claimed.

According to research from Brake and breakdown firm Green Flag, two out of three motorists are unaware of the minimum tread depth required before taking to the road.

Negligence in the area could result in drivers having an accident and compromising their car insurance policies as a result.

This is because cover firms may consider them to be a risk on the road in the future and increase policy costs.

Brake head of education Jools Townsend commented that drivers need to do their homework on the issue.

"We are calling on drivers to be vigilant about the condition of their tyres and check them on a weekly basis this winter and throughout the year," said the expert.

By law, the minimum tread depth for cars and light trailers up to 3,500 kg is 1.6 mm.


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