Top 5 car crimes revealed

UK stolen vehicle recovery systems specialist Tracker has listed the top five most common car crimes in an effort to make drivers more vigilant over the festive period.

Top of the list is the theft of car keys from a person’s house. Sometimes the burglar doesn’t even have to break and enter to do this if car keys are within fishing rod-distance of a letterbox.

Leaving your car unlocked, unattended and with the car keys in the ignition is the second most common way for thieves to steal your car.

This can occur when someone is in the middle of de-icing their car on a chilly morning. A quick visit to the newsagents or to the recycling point can also result in a lengthy hunt for your stolen car.

Even more sinister is car crime number three when criminals steal the identity of a driver to forge documents and get a spare key to a precious motor.

Car crimes also occur when a car is being sold. Not everyone returns the car after a test drive.

‘Surveillance’ followed by theft of car keys completes the list.

Written by Roxy Moran


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