Tips to stop Brits being ‘scammed’ by mechanics

Comparison service has drawn up a list of three top tips to stop Brits being scammed by car mechanics.

According to new research from the website, this is a fate which 48 per cent of drivers believe has happened to them.

More than half (51 per cent) of those polled think they’ve been overcharged by £500, 12 per cent believe their bills have been stretched by an additional £1000 and three per cent claim to have been stung for a whopping £3000.

Little wonder then that 38 per cent would only take their car to a professional if it needed extensive maintenance work and five per cent say that they never take their car to a garage, preferring to do the job themselves.

The first tip from is to use a garage you can trust, "recommended either by a friend, trade body or approved network".

"Don’t be afraid to say "no" and get a second opinion" is advice that all motorists should follow.

It is also best practice to "ask for a breakdown of the bill and make sure things have been done – if necessary, ask the mechanic to show you what they’ve done".


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