Tips to reduce car costs during the credit crunch

The CEO of has drawn up a list of tips for drivers wishing to reduce car costs during the credit crunch.

James Harrison pointed out that the average car consumes 38 per cent more fuel at 70mph than it does at 50mph.

Drivers travelling at 90mph are wasting up to £1.20 every eight minutes as opposed to driving at 70mph.

Mr Harrison said: "Acceleration and deceleration is what uses most fuel. You will improve your fuel consumption with smooth driving."

The expert also urged drivers to consider keeping their windows and sunroof closed as this will make your car more aerodynamic and reduce fuel consumption "by as much as four per cent".

Mr Harrison highlighted that it is estimated that 50 per cent of tyres on the road are under inflated, causing yet more unnecessary fuel consumption.

Other tips he issued include saving up to £40 by buying annual tax rather than a six-month tax disc and consider going vintage – a car registered before 1974 is exempt from road tax.


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