Tips to ensure safe autumn driving

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has compiled a list of tips to make sure that Brits drive safely on autumn roads.

The motoring organisation advises that fallen leaves tend to accumulate near roadside gutters.

It is best to remember that this can, when combined with heavier seasonal rainfall block roadside drains causing localised deep water and wet leaves on the road surface – increasing the danger of skidding for drivers and motorcyclists.

Autumn’s darker mornings and early evenings can also mean that it is harder to spot surface water. Make allowances for the fact that if the road surface is black, pockets of water are less easy to see and can cause a sharp, unexpected jolt on the steering wheel when hit.

The sun will also appear lower in the sky at sunrise and sunset at this time of year and motorists should be aware this can have a dangerous blinding effect, particularly around the time motorists are commuting to and from work.

Autumn is also the time for fog. IAM urges drivers to "use fog lights sparingly; switch them on only when visibility is below 100 metres".

Written by Bobby Minter


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