Tips for drivers travelling with kids on long journeys

A clinical psychologist has drawn up a list of tips to help drivers cope with the trauma of going on long car journeys with squabbling kids in the backseat.

Dr Claire Halsey was approached by Admiral Insurance after a survey revealed that 34 per cent of adults admitted they feel anxious before embarking on car trips with their kids and two per cent even admitted that their kids’ behaviour has almost caused an accident.

The expert advised that before you get in the car with those tiny terrors it is best to agree the rules for harmony in the car, such as "stay in your seats, use a quiet voice, share nicely and don’t hit or hurt others".

Plenty of thought, Dr Halsey believes, should be given to planning a variety of in-car entertainment – Admiral’s survey found that I Spy and 20 Questions are still popular motorway pastimes.

The clinical psychologist concluded: "Misbehaviour in the car can be both distracting and dangerous so if squabbling breaks out be prepared to find a safe place to pull over so you can remind children of the in-car rules and calm the situation."


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