Three quarters of British drivers ‘admit to regular speeding’

A new survey by Co-operative Insurance has found that almost three quarters of UK drivers admit to regularly speeding.

Some 43 per cent of drivers said they slow down as they approach cameras and immediately put their foot back on the accelerator again once past the detection zone.

More than two fifths of those polled even claimed that speed cameras encourage reckless driving.

Some 19 per cent of drivers confessed to speeding at least once a day. A further 23 per cent confided that they speed a couple of times each week. Only 27 per cent of those questioned insisted that they never break the limit.

David Neave, director of general insurance at The Co-operative Insurance, said: "The frenetic pace of life today means that speeding has become endemic in British society.

"People often don’t think about the dangers of driving a few miles an hour over the limit. But that can mean the difference between having a safe journey or a collision, and whether you survive or not."

Written by Bridget Singleton


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