Thorough check needed before committing to second-hand car purchase

Consumers searching for second hand car have been urged to make sure a vehicle is roadworthy before committing to purchase.

Three-quarters of the used cars inspected by the RAC would not pass an MOT, the motoring body claims.

As a result, many second-hand car purchasers may find themselves having to fork out a hefty sum to fix faults to cars they have recently bought, Nicola Johnson, manager of RAC Inspections explains.

"The level of issues we have found with used cars is concerning, with half of the vehicles we checked having more than ten faults," she commented.

"Even if they weren’t a risk to motorists’ safety, over 80 per cent of those with faults would cost the new owner more than £200 to fix.

"It is vital that used car buyers know what to look for, both under the bonnet and externally," she added.

Some of the most common problems are worn or damaged tyres, steering faults, suspension issues, fluid leakages, worn break discs and cracked windows.


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