The driving habits that give Brits road rage

It might not be all over the front page any more but road rage is still a fact of modern driving life, according to new research from

Of 500 drivers surveyed, 88 per cent confessed to feeling anger towards other drivers while behind the wheel. Losing your cool every time when you get in a car is something that happens to over one in five (22 per cent).

Drivers who think that indicating is optional are the biggest cause of road rage for one in four motorists, with those who tailgate getting the goat of 14 per cent.

Flashing your lights is the most popular way of expressing your road rage with rude gestures (such as the Harvey Smith reverse-Churchill salute) being favoured by 53 per cent. Beeping your horn and making verbal threats to the object of your ire are the responses from 31 per cent.

The poll even discovered that some people deliberately cause a collision to get revenge for a poor piece of driving.

Written by James Christie


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