The drawbacks of green car insurance

An expert has commented that drivers looking to make a positive contribution to the environment might be better off making donations direct to a charity rather than forking out over the odds for green car insurance.

Used dealers, such as used Ford dealers, will be well-aware of how highly some motorists prize green credentials when selecting a car to buy.

But Andy Leadbetter, managing director of insurance at, believes that with the credit crunch still raging "paying over the odds can be a hard pill to swallow".

He said: "As with any insurance policy it is essential to read the small print to ensure that not only the price is right, but the levels of cover provided are correct as well.

"Consumers should be aware of the differing levels of cover a policy allows and make an informed decision on what is most suitable."

According to research conducted by, green car insurance could cost motorists almost 150 per cent more than obtaining a standard policy.

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