The dos and don’ts of preparing your car for winter

Car care and valeting product manufacturer Autoglym has drawn up a list of dos and don’ts to help drivers prepare their vehicles for winter.

Top of the list of don’ts is the advice not to use boiling water to clear ice from windscreens as it can crack the glass.

Applying washing-up liquid to windscreens is also a no-no. It might make your hands lovely and soft but it can remove protective coatings on paintwork.

Autoglym suggests that it is best practice not to set off on journeys until your front and rear screen and side windows are clear of ice as it is illegal to drive with poor visibility.

Dislodging mud and salt build-up from under wheel arches is also a good idea, as is carrying a full strength de-icer.

The company urges motorists to increase the concentration of their car’s screen-wash to help shift any build-up of road salt and dirt as well as preventing the solution freezing as temperatures drop.

Written by Bobby Minter


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