The dirty truth about British cars

New research conducted by has asked just how clean the inside of British cars are – and come up with some alarming answers.

Microbiologists at Aston University, found the inside of a typical car has 283 different types of bacteria present.

Drivers with children and pets were found to be most at risk of having high levels and varieties of harmful bacteria inside their car. In one instance, bacterial traces of excrement were found in the boot of the car in the same spot used to place the weekly food shopping.

One in four drivers say their car is littered with food wrappers (27 per cent), while one in six (16 per cent) admit to regularly leaving uneaten food in their vehicle.

The researchers were astounded at some of the items drivers said they had discovered in their vehicles – if you are faint-hearted stop reading now.

Body parts from a dead seagull which a dog had smuggled in were found by one motorist, while another once unearthed a three-year old green sandwich.

Child’s vomit in a door pocket, which had gone unnoticed for days, was also named as was a pair of knickers belonging to a husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Written by James Christie


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