The 7 great blunders of the MOT world

New research conducted by KwikFit has found that 55 per cent of MOT failures concern just seven common parts.

Illegal tread or damage on tyres is the number one MOT blunder accounting for 13 per cent of failures.

Not far behind in the top ten list is unsafe brake wear. Just under one in nine MOT failures occur because of this.

Drivers would be well-advised to take a look at their windscreen before handing their car over for an MOT. Is there a chip or crack in the line of vision? Often there is – it is the third most common cause of MOT failure (eight per cent).

Seven per cent of failures can be explained by headlamp irregularities (either blown bulbs or headlamps not being aligned correctly).

Surprisingly, registration plates make it to number five, thanks to them often being cracked or obscured.

Suspension is something MOT testers keep a keen eye out for, in one in twenty cases they mark ‘FAIL’ on their checklist since shock absorbers are dangerously worn or corroded.

The same percentage of failures result from the exhaust or catalytic converter being overly corroded.

Written by Peter Sweden


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