Thanking your lucky stars

More people read their horoscope each day than read their car manual, the RAC has found, with even fewer checking the Highway Code.

One in five drivers admit to having a lucky mascot or charm in their car to stay safe, with two per cent of UK motorists even carrying a pair of lucky pants with them.

Crackers Patel, an RAC patroller, says: "Breaking down can be a real worry for motorists, so it’s not surprising that many seem to be relying on luck to help them on a journey.

"However, we would recommend that drivers help make their own good luck by spending more time getting up to speed with their car manual and the latest highway code. Horoscopes and lucky charms provides reassuring emotional support, but it’s important people are also making practical preparations to avoid a breakdown, like checking oil and water levels."

Superstitious motorists may be surprised to know that registration plates that include the number 13 are a quarter less likely to break down than average and cars with 666 in the number plate are also luckier than most.


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