Taxes ‘making motorists go green’

The threat of paying increased road tax prices is enough to make two-thirds of motorists pick up an environmentally-friendly vehicle, according to new research.

Automobile supermarket Motorpoint states that plans to introduce the levy are getting people to think about the car they are driving.

However, operations director Paul Winfield has commented that there are still close to 11 million motorists who are still happy to pay whatever costs come their way for driving a more pollutant car.

"A lot of the feedback we get from customers suggests that they are increasingly putting a car’s green credentials higher up their lists of important features and benefits," said the expert.

The environment has been a hot topic in the press in 2007.

Over the summer, former US vice president Al Gore followed up his Oscar win for his documentary An Inconvenient Truth by staging a series of Live Earth concerts around the globe to raise awareness of climate change.


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