Take a look at the Nice new Ze-O

Nice has published its first picture of the £14,000, all-electric Ze-O car.

You can take a look at the car ‘in the flesh’ when it makes its international debut at the British Motor Show next week – its maker claims that it is the first all-electric car available within a family budget.

Julian Wilford, co-founder of Nice said: "All-electric sports car prototypes are eye-catching and interesting. However, we all know customers want practical electric cars and they want them sooner rather than later.

"The Ze-O is a genuinely spacious and affordable car; it’s coming to the UK this Autumn and to the rest of Europe during 2009. We expect to be very busy at the motor show."

Visitors to the show will learn that the Ze-O will have a range of up to 65 miles in city driving and a top speed of 55 mph. Optional, longer-range lithium-ion battery options will be offered soon.

Drivers struggling with the rising cost of living should note that the car will be exempt from road tax, congestion charge and boasts running costs of a few pence per mile.

That’s a very Nice deal compared to conventional petrol or diesel models!


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