Stuck behind the wheel

Employees benefiting from company cars are finding productivity is plummeting as they spend up to 70 days a year stuck behind the wheel of their car.

According to a new survey from the Bank of Scotland Vehicle Finance, congestion on UK roads has caused all this time to be wasted, but the majority of company car owners wouldn’t have it any other way.

Three in four respondents said they wouldn’t contemplate catching a bus, while one in three ruled out the option of a train.

Reasons to stay loyal to their cars ranged from convenience and cost to lack of encouragement from employers and the risk of delay on other modes of transport.

While businesses will be feeling the financial impact of having their workplace stuck in traffic jams, the effect on the environment can also be damaging.

But here, at least, nine in ten drivers admitted they would consider the option of a more environmentally-friendly dual fuel vehicle.


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