Spring ‘time for a new car’

A number of drivers in the UK will be looking to pick up a new car this spring, according to an industry group.

Sue Robinson from the RMI’s National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) comments that it is important that those who do splash out get the best possible deal.

Free insurance and zero per cent finance represent some of the perks that can be gained from dealerships across the UK, she adds.

Ms Robinson states that new registration plate rules in March which register the vehicle by city could also influence people into buying.

"With the first of the year’s number plate changes soon upon us in March, this could be the time to get into a new car," she said.

Earlier this month, industry body EurotaxGlass commented that the average price of a used car in the UK is set to drop by around £400 in 2008.


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