Speed limits ‘could be raised without being dangerous’

A drivers’ body has commented that the national speed limit on motorways in the UK could be upped without compromising people’s safety.

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) believes that Britain should follow Germany’s lead and consider speed an insignificant factor in road accidents.

Raising the speed limit may also see drivers regularly pulled over for breaking it receive better treatment from car insurance companies.

Cover firms sometimes assess a premium based on previous driver convictions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was correct in rejecting calls for a limit on the autobahn, it added.

Nigel Humphries, ABD spokesman, commented that there is no real reason why drivers cannot be legally allowed to travel faster on the highways.

He said: "The speed limit on UK motorways could be raised to at least 85mph without compromising safety or CO2 emissions."

Last year, 3,150 people were killed on the roads, according to official government figures.


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