Smartnav system updated for new charge zones

Following the extension of the congestion charge to certain areas in west London this week, Trafficmaster has announced that its Smartnav system now features visual alerts informing drivers of zones in which the charge is payable.

This update is part of a number of new features, according to Trafficmaster, which are available on its system’s upgraded touchscreen.

A ‘C’ symbol will now appear on the screen to signify congestion charge zones and a verbal warning will also be given to the driver.

The new touchscreen function on the navigation device has been acknowledged for its ease of use, Trafficmaster said, as well as making it easier for motorists to download route information.

It allows users to enter postcodes, retrieve favourite of previous destinations, contact emergency or breakdown services and make a hands-free call to a control centre for assistance on their journey.

The screen is also removable to avoid the danger of theft when the car is left unattended.

Smartnav’s new touchscreen facility is available at no extra charge over the previous unit and can be installed with new units on request.


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